Why a scrapbook weekend?
Yes, it takes time to organize those memories...and the huge block of time offered by a scrapbook weekend, when you don't have to take calls, cook, make beds, drive around to do errands, etc is invaluable. Scrappers get SO MUCH done and enjoy the camaraderie of a girls' getaway weekend. Often, there is shopping involved and the scenery of our weekends is of high importance! Great food, fun and time to really plug into one's hobby is priceless. 

What is scrapbooking?

It's a chance to express oneself through photography and the artful placement of cherished photos on a page that is intended to last for years to come. The scrapbooker employs a variety of techniques to achieve a certain mood, theme or page design. Materials include paper of all colors, textures and weights. It is either cut, torn or used to die cut varied shapes, letters, or expressions. Ribbons, buttons, stickers, brads, grommets, punches and other materials are also popular with the scrapbooker and papercrafter. A wide variety of colors are employed as are inked pens, markers, paints and glitter or silver and gold embossing. Embossing is a heated tool that causes a stamped image which has been sprinkled with embossing powder, to adhere and harden to a glossy finish. Many artists i.e. scrapbookers enjoy using this medium on cards.

Papercrafters include scrapbookers, card makers and other arts that incorporate paper such as ornaments, frames, boxes and cards of all sizes. A popular medium is stamping, using preformed rubber stamps in every image you can imagine to stamp on cardstock or paper. These stamped images are often handpainted or embossed but the huge selection of coloed ink stamps allows users to leave the stamped image as is for effect.

Scrapbookers are generally terrific photographers. They take artful pictures of places, animals, children and family. A typical scrapbook might be centered on a particular vacation or trip and include not only pictures of the persons and places but hand written or typed captions, better known as journaling. Thus the photo of a campsite with family at the picnic table, becomes a chronicle of the whole trip or just that special day when the canoe in the background was taken out on the lake and Dad's hat flew off or the camper in the background leaked water that stormy night. Remember the time your brother fell out of the popup tent camper in the middle of the night? The fond memories photos evoke is what scrapbooking is really about...but the creativity and artful design a scrapbooker uses is a large part of what makes a wonderful scrapbook to share.