Papercraft and scrapbooking materials

What are some of the materials papercrafters and scrapbookers use?

Well, all weights of paper, of course, including vellum, cardstock, tissue and every weight of stock.

Other items used in scrapbooking are:

buttons- all shapes, sizes, colors

lace or other woven fabrics that adhere to paper

stickers- you can buy or even make stickers in every design imaginable. Some stickers are even 3 dimensional in appearance or raised for a depth effect.

cut outs/die-cuts- letters, shapes from popular tools like the Cricut, Cuttlebug and others. Some images can be digitally produced from your computer from free websites and other applications that afford downloading of images that can then be produced on your own printer or die-cutting machine.

inks and rubber stamps- all kinds

Distressing techniques, paints, burlap, wood, foam

shapemakers-  cutting punches range from simple shapes like circles and geometrical forms to tiny spiders or airplanes, snowflakes, paisley cutouts or tags. Even a length of a border for a large book page can be created in a variety of ways, fences, lace eding, zig-zag patterns, for example.