COVID SAFETY POLICY (last updated 6/29/21)

We encourage all attendees to be vaccinated against COVID 19. Non-vaccinated individuals will be required to wear a mask in the crop room.

To assure a happy and healthy and comfortable event, based on the restrictions of the New England states, our in-person crops will follow the safety guidelines put forth by the state in which the crop is held. This may include the following:
1. Masks are required in all hotel common areas. Except at your seat, masks are required in the crop room. Please bring your own masks.
2. Current travel orders by the state need to be adhered to. 
We recommend you are fully vaccinated or quick tested with negative result 48 hrs before attending the event.
YOU MUST CHECK the attending state's guidelines and adhere to their most current policies. 
MA guidelines:

NH guidelines:
PLEASE STAY HOME IF YOU ARE FEELING UNWELL. You will be refunded for the crop.
3. All attendees/ persons/ tables will be spaced 6-8 ft apart. You will still be able to talk freely!
4. Traffic in and out of the crop room will be one way with 6 ft social distancing at all times.

Hand sanitizer everywhere.
5. Prepackaged snacks and water will be at your desk as we are not allowed an open "buffet" table for food or drink.
6. Please bring your own tools, punches, Cricut, etc
7. Vendor(s) will still be available but 1 person in a booth at a time.
8. All belongings will need to be stored on or under your table within your personal space. 
9. Raffle/door prizes will be available with contactless purchase (Paypal or Venmo) of tickets on Venmo or Paypal. 
We will happily write down your name and deposit your tickets for the drawings.
10. Classes will be offered, including the free class, and socially distanced i.e. no less than 6 ft apart.
11. Meals:  You may receive a meal coupon or VISA card for independent dining so you may eat with whom you wish, when you wish. Check with the hotel for making dinner reservations.