Scrapbook Getaway Weekends

How lucky we are to be able to do something meaningful for all the great husbands, parents, children, pets and friends that occupy our lives! 

Scrapbook weekends give you time to record all that great stuff !

WE LOVE choosing beautiful locations that afford our croppers a true getaway place and inspire photo-taking.

Space, place and peace are the key things that set us apart.

Each girl has their own table, plenty of power, great accommodations and we work hard at negotiating the lowest hotel rates possible for our attendees. Our crops are kept small- you won't wait in lines for anything.

We have been scrapbooking and consulting since 2003 and love helping others with their scrapbooking and card making, stamping- you name it!

We have been hosting scrapbooking retreats since 2008 and really enjoy seeing the clever new art and techniques for layouts, cards and other craft.  Papercrafting has become a true art!
God has blessed us tremendously and we truly believe that keeping scrapbooks of special times is a work that promotes love for generations to come.

To you super scrappers, we say--
         Kudos and welcome to scrapbooking at its finest!

​-Laurie & Carol